Books I have published

The Accidental Colony

A group of scientists travel to another world to study its biology and geology when an asteroid strikes the Earth and destroys the ship that was to have come to take them home again. Now, they face dwindling food supplies, dangerous animals on the plains around them, and wild weather. They must relearn ancient survival skills in a race against starvation until a rescue can come from home.

Available now at Smashwords, Amazon, and CreateSpace.

FCIS: The Tricolor Killer

Someone is killing cats with three colors in their coats. Special Agent Crusher of the Feline Criminal Investigative Service is charged with stopping the killer. Can he catch the killer before he strikes again? Will tricolored cats ever be safe again?
Purchase of this book sends a donation to the Michigan Humane Society.

Available at Smashwords

The Christmas Book

Patrick Winter is a teenage orphan who gets into a fight with his foster brother. As a result, he loses his home in that foster home. He moves to the Malone home where he receives an old book. Soon after getting the book, he starts hearing a voice in his head that tells him that he has to read the book. He is the son of Santa Claus and must learn the magic in the book so that he can return home and begin learning how to become Santa Claus when the time comes. Pat’s troubles have only just begun. His foster brother is still against him. One of the prettiest girls in school suddenly notices him. Why would he want to mess that up? Besides, Santa Claus isn’t real. Or is he?

Available now at CreateSpace (print version) as well as at Amazon, the ebook is available from Smashwords.

Moonbeam, Merlin and Murder

Moonbeam Shadowchaser is studying for midterms when she receives an urgent message from her grandmother, she finds that she has been chosen to Awaken Merlin’s Old Soul, residing in a young actor
in California. She arrives to find him shooting a movie. When his costar is found strangled in Merlin’s
trailer, Moonbeam finds herself investigating a murder.
With the net closing around Merlin, Moonbeam enlists the aid of her grandmother and Merlin’s
Granduncle to search for clues.
Will Moonbeam and her posse be able to keep Merlin out of prison and finish her training?

Available in print, Kindle, and eBooks at your favorite online bookstores

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